Promotional Deal

Happy New Years to all and we are doing something special for you .
Through the month of January 2019 .
We are giving up to $600.00 savings on some of our most popular options on any of our buildings .
Our LP Smart Shed available in sizes starting at 8 x 12 up to 14 x 60 .
12 x 32 LP Smart Shed , great building if you looking to do a DIY Tiny Home - Cottage -Cabin or a workshop .This one has a 8 x 12 room that would make a nice bedroom , workshop , potting shed , or office building .We have our Deluxe Roof Option that gives you overhang on all for sides , 8 x 12 loft , 5 windows w/screens , 50 year 3/4 in T&G floor , TechShield radiant barrier roof and wall finish , 5 windows - can add or remove windows for your needs , Ridge vent for moisture control while heating or cooling , 2x6 floor joists 16 O/C , Metal roof - pick your color ,Wilderness Stain finish , 9 light pre hung door upgrade , standard diamond plate kick guard ,and more .If you have been shopping add this to your list . We use prime lumbers not common everyday stuff that has many flaws . We go beyond other with out sturdy heavy duty structures , double top plate continuos - thats 2 boards rather than one ! , Z strip - Huricane straps ON EACH TRUSS , talk about over doing it yes but for the SAME price as most of our competitors .Okay the list price $ 9065.00 I know thats a great deal but now the deal .
TechShield price list $576.00 discount $476.00 your price $100.00 WOW
2 x 6 treated floor joists list $165.00 discount your price $ 50.00
total list $741.00 your price for both $ 150.00
RTO Availble and financing 6 or 12 months interst , free delivery - see me for details .
Best warranty , best quality , more chioces , all at Cool Cabin Stuff .Check us out on FaceBook cool cabin stuff - web and our FaceBook page Sheds to Homes answer the questions there and we will add you - sorry no dealers on Sheds To Homes .
Building shown has an electric package , 1 baseboard heater and Air conditioning are optional and available plus many other options .
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Promotional Deal 2

10 x 20 LP Heavy duty Smart Barn
Barnesville, OH
****New Years January Sale , We are offering up to $600.00 dollars in total savings on our most popular options on all of our buildings all sizes threw the month of January 2019 ****
New 10 x 20 double lofted barn in our Driftwood stain finish with sharp looking metal roof .Other colors and styles available metal or shingle .
Includes double doors , double 4ft lofts , double windows with screens , treated floor , 2 vents , 16 o/c floor joists , double top continuous top plate for stronger walls and hurricane - Z clips to beef it up more . Price $3990.00 Compare prices with same equipment ! Free delivery ask for details .
Available in sizes up to 14 x 60 !
Sale Options available Threw January
Tech Sheild roof and walls regular price $300.00
SALE PRICE ***100.00 SAVE $200.00
2 x 6 treated floor joists regular price $165.00
SALE PRICE $50.00 WOW SAVE $115.00
Treated ramps 70 " X 62.5 " regular price $192.00
SALE PRICE $96.00 YOU SAVE $96.00
Total savings on sale options YOU SAVE $ 411.00 WOW
RTO available and other financing .Great prices Great warranty , BETTER BUILT BUILDINGS . Cool cabin stuff

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